Our Foundations class is offered several times throughout the year, at a time to accommodate busy schedules.
The Foundations class offers an extensive overview of what we believe, why we believe it, and a discovering of our spiritual gifts to be used in ministry for the glory of God. Each session is about an hour in length and we cover the following topics with Pastor Scot leading the first session and George Wicks IV leading the remaining sessions.

Session 1 – Overview of 4 The World Ministries
Session 2 – God
Session 3 – Man and the Gospel
Session 4 – Jesus Christ
Session 5 – The Word of God Part 1
Session 6 – The Word of God Part 2
Session 7 – The Holy Spirit
Session 8 – Spiritual Gifts
Session 9 – Spiritual Gifts Inventory

This Foundations class gives us the initial theological grounding that we need as a church, and systematically shares what we believe.